Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 2 Triathlon Training

The second week of triathlon training has convinced me that doing triathlons is not going to be my newest hobby.  Sure, it'll be cool to say I finished one (well, a sprint triathlon anyway), but beyond that I don't really see the appeal.

Week 2's schedule looked like this:

Monday - Off
Tuesday - 44 minute run + weight training
Wednesday - 53 minute bike + weight training
Thursday - Off
Friday - 26 minute run
Saturday - 30 minute swim
Sunday - got too drunk the night before and did not do the scheduled 88 minute bike

Now, for those paying attention at home, that amounts to only about 5 hours.  Seriously, when you think about 5 hours a week of exercise, it's nothing.  At the same time, when I'm in the middle of it, I feel like I am going to die.  Actually, the truth is, I can already tell I am improving in the swim.  When I first started, I was convinced I was going to drown.  Now I can go for a pretty solid distance before needing a rest (well, compared to when I started).

I think the toughest thing about doing the different exercises is that I just get bored in the middle of it.  I literally sit there and think, "yea, I'm over this. I want something to eat."  So I'm hoping that I lose that attitude and am able to focus on improving my times.

Date of Triathlon: Sunday, April 17, 2011

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