Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rum Fire

Rum Fire at the Sheraton Waikiki (2255 Kalakaua Avenue - see map here) is an awesome spot for sunset cocktails or drinks on the water.  The only real appeal to this place is the ambiance.  The service is actually terrible.  I have gone there maybe 5-6 times and I have yet to be even moderately impressed with their service.  The waitresses (they've all been women so far) are slow and unfriendly.  Every time we've been there we've had to specifically ask someone to take our drink order or to ask for another drink.  But maybe it's been busy and they were overwhelmed?  Nope.  I've been there when it's busy during their nightcap specials, I've been there in the middle of the afternoon on a Monday, and I've been there in the evening on a Saturday.  The service is terrible.

So why do I tell everyone to go here when they visit Honolulu?  Because if you go during Happy Hour or during their nightcap specials (i.e. when drinks/food are cheap) and have a drink while sitting outside looking out over the water with Diamond Head in the distance, it's pretty much impossible to be upset about anything (see the pictures?).  If you sit close to the bar, it can get loud, though, so I recommend trying to find a seat outside.  I have never had a problem finding a table outside (just a problem getting served).

I've never had dinner there and I rarely see people with entrees, but I have had lunch and I would recommend passing.  The sandwich I ordered tasted fine, but what you get does not justify the cost.  You're better off sticking to pre-dinner drinks/appetizers during happy hour (4-6pm M-F) or the nightcap specials (9:30-11:15pm M-F).  Here is a copy of their happy hour menu if you're interested.  Cocktails during this time are $5, draft beer is $3, house wine is $5, certain shots are $3, and appetizers (i.e. edamame, nachos, baby back ribs, chicken wings, fish tacos, chips and salsa, etc.) range from $4 to $10.  Overall, if you can go and just relax and remember that you're not on the mainland and just enjoy the company and scenery, it's a must-go place.  You can view their lunch menu here and dinner menu here.


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