Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar

I'm surprised I haven't written about this place before.  I have been here twice on Friday night and it's always a pretty good time.  In Japanese the word sansei means “third generation” and in this case refers to the founder of the restaurant who is a third-generation Japanese-American.  Sansai Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar (3rd Floor of the Waikiki Beach Marriot Resort - 2552 Kalakaua Avenue - map here) serves contemporary interpretations of sushi and Asian cuisine. In the interest of full disclosure, I don't have much experience with the menu outside of Friday night happy hour.  That being said, Friday nights are great here.  They have half price sushi and appetizers as well as $3 kettle one drinks, $3 beers, and free karaoke until 2pm.  Now, overall this place is not as good as Doraku, but it's still really good.  However, when you're able to have 4 people go out, drink and eat all night, sing free karaoke (I don't sing AT ALL, but I hear others are into it), and spend less than $100 total, sign me up.  Normally (i.e. during the week at regular hours), Sansei is waayyy overpriced unless you get the Kama'aina discount, which gives 50% off everything on Sunday and Monday or 25% Tuesday-Thursday.

Anyway, their Friday night deal starts at 10pm, but I recommend getting there at 9:30 because it is first come-first served and it fills up quickly.  If you get there late, or even try to go at dinner time on a regular day, the wait can be upwards of 45 minutes.  It's best to make a reservation if you want to go for dinner (808-931-6286 - no reservations for Friday late-night special).  The best sushi roll here is their signature "Butterfry Roll."  Yes, I spelled that correctly.  I guess they appreciate a good Asian joke too, which is another reason to like this place.  If you're thinking that 10pm on Friday night is too late, I would remind you that you're in Hawai'i and therefore likely on vacation.  Therefore, relax and go have fun.

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