Thursday, December 23, 2010

Spam Musubi

My judge and I have talked numerous times about different Hawaiian foods that I have either tried or should try. He has regularly insisted that I try spam musubi.  You may remember that it is also one of the Top 5 traditional Hawaiian foods (profiled by 5@5) I wrote about before.  Well, today, my judge brought me one.  Here are my thoughts:  it doesn't taste terrible.  In fact, the spam adds some flavor to the rice, which is otherwise pretty bland.  That said, it doesn't look appetizing, AT ALL.  It is kind of slimy and has a weird texture.  One person likened the taste to a hot dog or bologna.  I more or less agree with the processed bologna, but not a hot dog.  Spam is much saltier and slimy.  Like I said, it's not terrible, so I feel comfortable recommending that you try it at least once.  If you're here visiting or something, give it a whirl.  I don't think I will make it a regular part of my diet, though.

Yes, this is an accurate depiction...


  1. Hey Rusty - don't know if we know each other - seems like we should, considering how many friends we have in common and the fact that we attended law school together...
    I stumbled upon your blog this morning and I am enjoying it. Maybe it is because I was born in Hawaii, and started eating solids there, but I was raised eating Spam; your description is spot-on, if not a little too kind.
    Aside from delicious seafood and all of the ways the Polys can cook sweet pork, I highly recommend Chicken Katsu and beef shortribs (cut across the bone); 2 of my Hawaiian favorites that can be had at any Hawaiian style BBQ place.
    I look forward to your posts. And, thanks for the counter; my clerkship is also 2 years and I, probably more than you (given the differences between Honolulu, HI and Laredo, TX), like to see the time tick away.

    David Linthorst

  2. Glad you're liking the posts! I didn't know you were born here, that's awesome. Any insights or ideas are always appreciated!