Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving in Hawaii

Happy Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays.  With all the traditions and the food, what's not to love!? I come from a pretty big family (30+ first cousins on my mom's side alone).  We always get together for Thanksgiving and while it's a complete mad house with everyone running all around, it's always been one of my favorite times of year.  Thanksgiving is also great because of the traditions.  The weather is just getting cold and you have to put on a couple layers to play backyard football.  There is more food than you can imagine.  And everyone is just having a good time.

 Obviously, going home for Thanksgiving was not really a viable option this year (especially since we have to work tomorrow).  When I went to recruit my holiday foster family, however, I encountered something interesting.  Hawaiians don't really celebrate Thanksgiving.  Sure, we have the day off because it's a federal holiday, but no one really goes all out or plans big feasts or family get-togethers.   I have a theory as to why this is the case.  Thanksgiving is a quintessential American holiday.  Unfortunately, Hawaiians haven't really embraced being fully American yet.  New Year's is a MUCH bigger deal.  Actually, this year February 3 will be a big deal.  Why? What's February 3?

Chinese New Year.  Apparently there are major celebrations, fireworks, events, etc for the Chinese New Year.  It just so happens that usually the REAL New Year's coincides around the same time as the Chinese New Year.  So people usually make a bigger deal for those holidays.  Thanksgiving, as a result, is treated more as just a day off.  Have no fear...I found a group of true-blooded Americans who know the importance of taking a yearly moment to give thanks and remember that America is the reason that these un-patriotic Hawaiians have all the luxuries they have.  We are doing a fun potluck complete with outdoor eating, backyard football barefoot, and beer.

I hope everyone has/had a nice turkey day!

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