Sunday, September 5, 2010


The first ten days are over.  My mom just left for the airport and I am sitting alone in my room barely moved in.  I have a half-put-together dresser, a flat screen that is still in the box, and a bed with WalMart sheets.  My roommates aren't home so the place is quiet and empty and I decided that now was the perfect time for my first post.  The thoughts running through my mind are too numerous to count or describe.  The idea for this blog came about this afternoon...10 days after my arrival in Honolulu with 3 suitcases and not much else.  My mom and I went to the Dole Plantation near the North Shore when we saw a Pineapple Demonstration.  Altogether not that exciting except for the part about growing your own pineapple.  Basically, you take the top leaves off, soak it in water, and after a few days you plant it in soil.  In about 2 years, you have yourself a pineapple.  Since I am working in Hawaii for 2 years, I thought I would grow a pineapple and eat it when I leave.  Pretty simple.  Along the way, I'll discuss the trials and tribulations of a recent law school graduate working in what many people consider to be paradise.  Periodically I will also post updates on the pineapple growing on my porch.  At the end of two years, hopefully both the pineapple and I survive.

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