Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 2 - Second Triathlon Training

It's hard to predict success this early in the training process.  I didn't start having issues with training until about week 3 last time around.  Thus far, I haven't had any major distractions or disruptions, so I haven't slipped up at all, which is a positive.  I've also done far more swimming this time around, so my confidence is building slowly.  I'm hoping that by May 22 (the day of the sprint triathlon) I'll be able to shave a minute or two off my (swim) time.  Anyway, here is the week 2 training schedule.

Monday - Run 25 min. (2.8 mi.) + swim 30 min. (1200 meters)
Tuesday - Off
Wednesday - Run 26 min. (3.1 mi.) + swim 30 min. (1200 meters)
Thursday - Weight Lifting
Friday - Weight Lifting
Saturday - Bike 2 1/2 hours (35 mi.)
Sunday - Run 46 min. (6 mi.)

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