Monday, March 28, 2011

Bluewater Grill

I am obsessed with deals and airline miles.  Last week, I discovered that you can make reservations at various restaurants through and earn 60 miles just for doing so.  Then I discovered that Bluewater Grill (in Hawaii Kai - 377 Keahole St, Honolulu, HI 96825 - map here) was one such place.  It just so happened that I also had a Groupon for Bluewater Grill where I got 50% off my bill.  Put those two things together and it is a recipe for making me a very happy person.

So we went to Bluewater Grill for dinner and found the atmosphere to be gorgeous.  It's right on Kuapa Pond with Koko Head in the background.  There is outdoor seating and live music every night.  The music is quiet and mellow and is the perfect live music to listen to during dinner while eating right on the water.  The restaurant itself is a relative newcomer to the restaurant scene in Hawaii Kai and is right next to a very established and popular "Roy's."  However, if it keeps promoting itself with things like Groupon, I expect it to do very well.  What may also save them from the fate of others who essentially try to compete with Roy's is that they are open for lunch.  The food was delicious and reasonably priced.  Actually, they overcooked one of our fish, making it almost chewy, but the  appetizers and the other fish were amazing.  They also have a decent happy how where beers are $3.  

 The menu is ambitious and described as "global island." There was some discussion at the table as to what exactly that means; are the dishes and ingredients specific to islands or does it refer to dishes with "global" inspiration prepared in an island-style? We didn't come up with an answer.  The waiter we had was very pleasant, knew the menu well, and was very attentive.  Overall it was a great experience with a perfect ambience for dinner.  If you're in Hawaii Kai, or looking for some good seafood on the East side of the island, give this place a try.

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