Monday, April 11, 2011

Yes, The Countdown Changed

No, you didn't sleep through 365 days.  My clerkship is ending a year early.  I don't have much to say on the subject other than I was ready to move on.  Hawaii is great and I like living in a place where it is 80 degrees and sunny every day, but I also have no interest in becoming an expert in Hawaii Family Law.  Unfortunately, the only real experience I am getting here is completely useless to my future career.  As a result, I didn't think there was much benefit or value in extending the clerkship beyond the first year.

I am sure you're thinking, but the legal market is shit right now, what will you do?  Well, fortunately, I have already accepted a job doing litigation, so have no fear, I will not be unemployed.  I may be homeless for a little while unless I can convince someone to let me sleep on their couch, but I will at least have a job.


  1. I am officially excited! Excited enough to post a comment...

  2. So how does the actual pineapple growing fare?!