Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cabanas and The Phillies

Sadly, the Philadelphia Phillies did not make it to the World Series.  It was a sad weekend to be a Philadelphia fan as the Eagles lost to the Tennessee Titans as well.  On the plus side, I was able to watch the Phillies play on Saturday from the comfort of my very own cabana at Cabana's Pool Bar in the Ohana West Hotel.

Cabana's Pool Bar is a cool place to go if you're looking to watch sports but don't want to waste your day inside.  Unfortunately, you can't go to the beach and watch your favorite football (or, in this case, baseball) team live.  You either have to record it and watch later or you have to waste a beautiful day in Hawaii inside at one of the many great sports bars here.  This can be particularly challenging if you have both men and women in the group.  The women inevitably want to lay out in the sun and the men want to watch sports.  Now allow me a brief digression to explain that I am not a sexist.  I recognize that some women would enjoy watching a sporting event.  Maybe they are from a city where the home team is particularly good.  Maybe they have a boyfriend who is interested in sports and they are looking for a way to find something to talk with him about that doesn't make him want to blow his brains out.  Maybe the woman genuinely likes sports.  On the other hand, maybe you're with a man who enjoys laying out in the sun, with a pink fruity drink and loopy straw with an umbrella.  Maybe.  Well, in the event that you're with a stereotypical man and woman, with traditional gender roles, then Cabana's is your solution.  It has something for everyone.

Poolside at Cabanas
Cabana's is located on Kuhio Street in Waikiki (corner of Kuhio and Walina Streets).  It is on the third floor of the Ohana West Hotel and is open to the public.  They have 5 big screen TVs - 2 at the bar and 3 in the seating area next to the bar - and two separate covered cabanas with couches and chairs and private TVs.  It is free to get a cabana, but you have to get their early enough to reserve one.  It's first come first serve.  The advantage of this place is the outdoor pool with easily 75 chairs.  I have been there a few times and it is never too crowded to find a spot in the sun.

The staff is really friendly and the service is pretty decent.  Every day they have happy hour from 11am to 5pm where they have $3.50 bloody marys, $3.00 mai tais, and $3.00 12-oz domestic drafts.  Stick with beer.  The mixed drinks are weak and the bloody marys are watered down.  They have delicious waffle fries, but the food is otherwise not appetizing. It's not even just bar food.  Whatever social reject they got from the local parole office to work in their kitchen needs to learn how to make something beyond dropping the food in the fryer.

Anyway, if you stick around at night, the place turns into a "night club" of sorts with live entertainment.  It's a solid place to relax, spend the afternoon, and please everyone without breaking the bank.

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